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Response to “fact checking”

In an advertisement in the Gazette Times on Sunday, 11/4/12, Landmark Properties wrote their own “myths” – based on our reasoned and researched arguments – and then presented their own arguments as “fact.” Do you believe Landmark Properties’ “fact check”? Landmark’s claim: “As shown in City-approved plans, parking will be provided for every resident plus […]

Fighting for livability

I’ve said it before: the Retreat at Oak Creek is not the solution for Corvallis’s housing problems. On Sunday, the Gazette Times ran another article in their “Town & Gown” series. While the headline is meant to startle the reader, the content of the article is important and supports some of RDC’s key arguments. Existing […]

Interesting similarities

What’s happening in Corvallis? It’s what Landmark Properties does. It wasn’t right for Blacksburg, VA, it’s not right for us. Read about it here and here … Spread the word – only a week left to vote NO on the Sather Annexation!    

They’re changing their tune

From the beginning, Landmark Properties has been very clear about what they do. They are in the “purpose-built” student housing market. That catchy phrase means, simply, that they build housing specifically designed for college student living. That’s it. In a 10/17/12 Gazette Times article, their public relations representative Clark Worth stated, “Corvallis has a desperate […]

The Gazette Times agrees with us

Much is being said about the desperate need for rental housing in Corvallis. It is this need that Landmark Properties — with its Retreat at Oak Creek development — is hoping to cash in on. My question? Why, when we are a town of diverse citizenry, is this need so often described as student housing? An editorial in the […]

The fact that everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right

The type of student housing that Landmark Properties wants to build on the Sather site doesn’t feel right. These “purpose-built” dormitory-style developments are popping up in college towns all over the country – and right here in Corvallis (Tyler Street Townhomes, Seventh Street Station, to name just two). It is certainly the latest trend in […]

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