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A visitor’s view

As a visitor I have come to care deeply about Corvallis.  Having had the privilege and good fortune to travel to every state in these United States, I have found Corvallis to be a most special place — a wonderful, safe, and quiet place to raise a family.  At this time, the payback to Corvallis […]

They’re changing their tune

From the beginning, Landmark Properties has been very clear about what they do. They are in the “purpose-built” student housing market. That catchy phrase means, simply, that they build housing specifically designed for college student living. That’s it. In a 10/17/12 Gazette Times article, their public relations representative Clark Worth stated, “Corvallis has a desperate […]

Gazette Times ad

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A correction

We at Responsible Development Corvallis are dedicated to our cause, and we are also dedicated to being accurate in the facts that we present on our website. Turns out we made a mistake on some of the details regarding public school funding in our Q & A. We want to set the record straight. Property […]

We need your help!

Ballots should arrive in the mail on October 20th and we need to get the word out to as many voters as possible to defeat the Sather Annexation. Can you volunteer a bit (or a lot) of your time to distribute informative flyers in your neighborhood or elsewhere in Corvallis? Please send us an email […]

The Gazette Times agrees with us

Much is being said about the desperate need for rental housing in Corvallis. It is this need that Landmark Properties — with its Retreat at Oak Creek development — is hoping to cash in on. My question? Why, when we are a town of diverse citizenry, is this need so often described as student housing? An editorial in the […]

Three strikes …

Did you know that the Sather Annexation has been on the ballot twice before? Once in 2001, when a Denver-based student housing developer came to town with a similar proposition. It was soundly defeated, but the Sathers came back one year later to try again – same developer, same plan, with a few minor adjustments […]

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