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Fighting for livability

I’ve said it before: the Retreat at Oak Creek is not the solution for Corvallis’s housing problems. On Sunday, the Gazette Times ran another article in their “Town & Gown” series. While the headline is meant to startle the reader, the content of the article is important and supports some of RDC’s key arguments. Existing […]

Three strikes …

Did you know that the Sather Annexation has been on the ballot twice before? Once in 2001, when a Denver-based student housing developer came to town with a similar proposition. It was soundly defeated, but the Sathers came back one year later to try again – same developer, same plan, with a few minor adjustments […]

One reason to vote “NO” on the Sather Annexation

I’m a big fan of Collaboration Corvallis. I’ve been to quite a few of their meetings – the steering group as well as the three work groups – and they are doing impressive work. They took a huge laundry list of issues raised by the community, all related to resolving the inherent problems that arise […]

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