We thank the following supporters of Responsible Development Corvallis:

“I support the work of Responsible Development Corvallis and share the group’s concerns regarding Measure 02-80. Growth in our City should, at a minimum, represent a balance between private and public interests while also keeping an eye toward meeting our immediate, long term and varied housing needs. Unfortunately, this development proposal seems to be out of step with many of the assumptions and standards laid out in the City Comprehensive Plan, a document designed to inform our Land Development Code. While I strongly support the right of the property owner to bring this annexation request before the public, I think it is important for citizens to carefully consider the citywide implications before casting their votes.”
– Mark O’Brien
City Council President
City of Corvallis

“I am opposed because what we need is more affordable housing not more “mono-culture” off-campus unregulated student housing. Some residents believe that this will reduce or solve the problems that we have with student housing encroachment into our neighborhoods. However, the only thing that will change that are changes in our Land Development Code. … Give those who are working to solve this problem a chance before we build more of these off-campus housing units that are not compatible with the area.”
– Betty Griffiths

I oppose the Sather annexation because the proposed use of the land is limited to student housing in an area isolated from commercial venues such as grocery stores, shopping, dining, and entertainment, resulting in significantly increased traffic on undersized streets and intersections, and spillover parking in adjacent neighborhoods; all substantial negative effects on the livability of the surrounding area.
– Courtney Cloyd
Central Park Neighborhood Association member

“Large-scale, encapsulated off-campus student housing is one of the most blatant examples of discriminatory, segregated practices I have seen that runs counter to the Corvallis ethic. The Sather development will not relieve the student housing crisis, it will create one. Today’s “fancy-on-the-outside” quick-fix development funded by out-of-state speculators are tomorrow’s run-down, “demolition-by-neglect” student ghetto. The taxes paid by the new development will be off-set by city expenses such as visits by our city police. The fix to the student housing crisis is already being addressed. First, student enrollment has been capped by the OSU administration. Second, the sudden explosion of on-line classes will significantly reduce the number of students opting to live near the campus or even in the community. Third, the prohibitively increasing costs of attending OSU will not offset the benefits for many prospective students, thus reducing housing demands. And, these new housing developments are not cheap rent for the students. These development built for students only are not affordable for families. When the student population starts to drop and the student rooms go unrented, the cost of rehabilitating the complex for family housing will be prohibitive when compared to they rent they could charge a family. Vote NO to the Sather Annexation, poor planning and dysfunctional community values.”
– David Eckert

“We have a need for housing those who want to work, raise a family or retire here … responsible housing is needed, not more vacancy signs in front of mega buildings in small neighborhoods.”
– Ruby Moon
Golden Crane

“The fabric of our community has been dramatically altered in the past few years by the construction of numerous block-long, cookie-cutter student housing projects. There are numerous associated problems that we as a community are struggling to deal with right now. The last thing we need is an out-of-state developer coming here to build an even more massive student housing project on land that is currently outside the city limits. President Ray has recently downsized the target enrollment for OSU’s Corvallis campus, realizing that the community-wide impacts of his initial suggestion are too severe. Let’s pause, assess the impacts of recent changes, and continue to work together on some solutions that will hopefully preserve Corvallis’ wonderful small college town qualities – I just hope it’s not too late already.”
– Susan Morre
Brooklane Neighborhood Association

“What words do you use to describe Corvallis to someone that has never been here? If I were describing Corvallis to someone, I would tell them that Corvallis is a nice small town with open spaces, nice neighborhoods, beautiful farms, has a great University, and is a great place to raise a family. However, when I look at some of the housing developments that have been built over the past 5 years, I have to say that my description of Corvallis may not have a long shelf life. The multitude of housing developments that have been built are slowly transforming Corvallis from a nice small town to something that resembles a generic suburb that could be found anywhere in America. I understand that Corvallis is growing and will continue to grow. However, the growth should be to the benefit of the residents of Corvallis, not to their detriment. Please think of the words that you would use to describe Corvallis. Then consider whether this development is consistent with that description. We are not that generic American suburb yet. Please vote no on 02-80 to help keep it that way.”
– Theron Covey

“My family has lived in the neighborhood directly under assault by this proposed annexation since 1960. Since that time, concerned residents of the area west of the university have beaten back wrong-headed development schemes — both large and small — many times. As a Corvallis native, I think I’m able to speak with the kind of “institutional memory” that is woefully lacking from the supporters of this short-sighted proposal — notably the local newspaper. An out-of-town developer trying to make a quick buck at the expense of Corvallis’ vanishing open space is nothing new. What is new is an apparent lack of good judgement on the part of The Gazette-Times. Vote NO on Sather.”
– Heather McClenaghan

Bart and Leah Bolger
Brad Kunda
Dale and Beverly Plank
Keith and Nancy Laxton
Lester Oehler
Carl and Jeanne Niedner
Ashley Covey
Patricia Covey
Jeff and Anne-Marie Barnes
Steve and Vicki Biornstad
M. R. Bradley, Dallas, Texas
Jim and Lois Rawers
Mike and Rosie Schimerlik
Kyla Kruger
Richard and Sue Carozza
James Mealy
Rod and Suzanne Roppe
Rachel Polansky
Darrick and Jacque Bruns
Mark Boyd and Charlyn Ellis
– Chinitimi Neighborhood Association members

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