The Social Cost of the Proposed Development

This is a university town. RDC has no argument with the students. They are our friends, our neighbors, our partners in sharing Corvallis. We do, however, disagree with how these students are being accommodated. Furthermore, we believe the University is being irresponsible as pertains to providing for their students and is shifting much of the associated social costs for their dwelling care upon the city.

Some specific concerns are:

  1. Up to 1,000 renters in one development is too massive. It destroys the character of the rural area in which it is situated and imposes severe restrictions on the surrounding property owners.
  2. The incredible size of this development disturbs the historic balance of student vs. small family population in the city. This balance is mandatory to maintain the charm of small city living.
  3. The loss of school children to other communities will reduce the dollar amount of government support and will reduce the quality of education in the city.
  4. In addition, if this extraordinary development occurs, the city, not the university, will become responsible for the safety, behavior infractions, and community services provided to the academic renters. We repeat, these expenses and responsibilities belong to the University. Outside the specific costs, the general chaos generated from the large population increase in a relatively, small crowded space will be enormous.
  5. Protecting green space has been important to the city of Corvallis for many years. There is no reason to relinquish that responsibility to the university now. Said university has massive amounts of idle land, suitable and ideal for housing their student population. Why must we adhere to a planning whim and expand our city limits, destroying prime green space which could be saved for future, more equitable use?
  6. Need we even mention the cost of dropping up to 1,000 additional automobiles into a space already overcrowded and experiencing traffic jams from coastal visitors, sports events, bedroom communities, grade school, university workers, and daily services traffic? The result would spell gridlock.
  7. The timing for this construction is all wrong. A city planning commission is already examining building and parking codes applicable to the area. There will be code specification changes which would enhance the project and make it more acceptable.

Maybe, just maybe, the builders for this project should take a good look at their project name and retreat until the smoke settles.

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