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Response to “fact checking”

In an advertisement in the Gazette Times on Sunday, 11/4/12, Landmark Properties wrote their own “myths” – based on our reasoned and researched arguments – and then presented their own arguments as “fact.” Do you believe Landmark Properties’ “fact check”? Landmark’s claim: “As shown in City-approved plans, parking will be provided for every resident plus […]

Words from our supporters

“I support the work of Responsible Development Corvallis and share the group’s concerns regarding Measure 02-80. Growth in our City should, at a minimum, represent a balance between private and public interests while also keeping an eye toward meeting our immediate, long term and varied housing needs. Unfortunately, this development proposal seems to be out […]

A visitor’s view

As a visitor I have come to care deeply about Corvallis.  Having had the privilege and good fortune to travel to every state in these United States, I have found Corvallis to be a most special place — a wonderful, safe, and quiet place to raise a family.  At this time, the payback to Corvallis […]

An apology is due

Responsible Development Corvallis ran an advertisement in the Gazette-Times today (10/30/12) that has had unintended consequences. In that advertisement, we cited Corvallis Police Chief Jon Sassaman as opposing off-campus student development complexes and implied that he supported our opposition to Measure 02-80. The use of Chief Sassaman’s name in our advertisement was ill-considered and unprofessional. Our […]

Fighting for livability

I’ve said it before: the Retreat at Oak Creek is not the solution for Corvallis’s housing problems. On Sunday, the Gazette Times ran another article in their “Town & Gown” series. While the headline is meant to startle the reader, the content of the article is important and supports some of RDC’s key arguments. Existing […]

They’re changing their tune

From the beginning, Landmark Properties has been very clear about what they do. They are in the “purpose-built” student housing market. That catchy phrase means, simply, that they build housing specifically designed for college student living. That’s it. In a 10/17/12 Gazette Times article, their public relations representative Clark Worth stated, “Corvallis has a desperate […]

My response to the Gazette Times article (10/17/12)

If you don’t already do this, it can be fun to follow – and join in – the online conversations connected with articles, editorials, and letters to the editor in the local paper. Check out our “Press” page for links. Here’s my response to the article published on 10/17/12: “As one of the opponents quoted […]

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