Words from our supporters

“I support the work of Responsible Development Corvallis and share the group’s concerns regarding Measure 02-80. Growth in our City should, at a minimum, represent a balance between private and public interests while also keeping an eye toward meeting our immediate, long term and varied housing needs. Unfortunately, this development proposal seems to be out of step with many of the assumptions and standards laid out in the City Comprehensive Plan, a document designed to inform our Land Development Code. While I strongly support the right of the property owner to bring this annexation request before the public, I think it is important for citizens to carefully consider the citywide implications before casting their votes.”
– Mark O’Brien
City Council President
City of Corvallis

“The fabric of our community has been dramatically altered in the past few years by the construction of numerous block-long, cookie-cutter student housing projects. There are numerous associated problems that we as a community are struggling to deal with right now. The last thing we need is an out-of-state developer coming here to build an even more massive student housing project on land that is currently outside the city limits. President Ray has recently downsized the target enrollment for OSU’s Corvallis campus, realizing that the community-wide impacts of his initial suggestion are too severe. Let’s pause, assess the impacts of recent changes, and continue to work together on some solutions that will hopefully preserve Corvallis’ wonderful small college town qualities – I just hope it’s not too late already.”
– Susan Morre
Brooklane Neighborhood Association

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