A visitor’s view

As a visitor I have come to care deeply about Corvallis.  Having had the privilege and good fortune to travel to every state in these United States, I have found Corvallis to be a most special place — a wonderful, safe, and quiet place to raise a family.  At this time, the payback to Corvallis to move forward with this project is not worth the risk to all the things you love about this City, and that are at the core of why you are here!

Top 10 Reasons to Vote “NO”:

  1. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.
  2. The children of the baby boomer generation have by now completed, or almost completed college, and on-line class enrollment is continually increasing so there could very well be a reduction in student housing needs going forward.
  3. Focus on additional student housing needs should be on the campus as students should be encouraged to live on campus, as that is one of the growing, learning experiences of college.
  4. New apartments were recently built north of Walnut Blvd.
  5. New apartments were recently built north of Harrison Blvd.
  6. New apartments were recently built south of Western Blvd and 7th Street.
  7. The vacant site on Harrison Blvd should first be completely utilized.
  8. The neighborhoods along Western Blvd and 35th Street, Vanburen Ave/Jackson Ave and Harrison Blvd would be adversely affected, and most likely Vanburen Ave/Jackson Ave and Harrison Blvd would have to be turned into one way streets all the way to 35th Street.
  9. Running and Biking paths in the area that are currently heavily utilized would most likely be avoided.
  10. History has taught us that Bigger is not Better.

Give the economy time to improve and the recent building that has occurred time to mature.  If you want to revisit the the project in 5 to 10 years there will always be a development company standing by.  And, if there does come a time you decide to move forward with a similar project on 35th Street, place the development on the north side of the railroad track by the fire station where an unattractive warehouse is currently located, and leave the land south of the railroad tracks as it is now, in as close to its natural state as possible.  Help keep Corvallis special by voting “NO” on Sather.

M. R. Bradley
Dallas, Texas

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