They’re changing their tune

From the beginning, Landmark Properties has been very clear about what they do. They are in the “purpose-built” student housing market. That catchy phrase means, simply, that they build housing specifically designed for college student living. That’s it.

In a 10/17/12 Gazette Times article, their public relations representative Clark Worth stated, “Corvallis has a desperate need for student housing; this is the best site for student housing, and Landmark is a great company to design student housing.” Mr. Worth could not have been more clear about what Landmark does and what their intentions are for the Sather Annexation.

Why, then, are they changing their tune?

First, in an ad in the 10/19/12 GT: “The Retreat’s atmosphere appeals to non-students too: university instructors and staff, young professionals and others.”

The new refrain continues in a letter to the editor (10/23/12): “It is mainly a series of cottage-style residences that could accommodate more than the student populace.”

Could this shift in their marketing strategy be a response to the concern expressed by so many residents throughout Corvallis that what we want is housing suitable for all? It is what the Comprehensive Plan requires and what the city needs.

Student housing is student housing, even if the builder tries to make it look like something else. Ask the experts.

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