My response to the Gazette Times article (10/17/12)

If you don’t already do this, it can be fun to follow – and join in – the online conversations connected with articles, editorials, and letters to the editor in the local paper. Check out our “Press” page for links. Here’s my response to the article published on 10/17/12:

“As one of the opponents quoted in the article, I am frustrated that Responsible Development Corvallis came out sounding like little more than a small group of neighbors concerned about traffic and parking. Our supporters are from all over the city and our concerns go far beyond the inconveniences that will occur if the Sather site is developed.

Bigger issues are at stake, and the data that informs our decisions is changing.

* The OSU study that put our vacancy rate at 2.3% calculated that rate by giving equal weight to a 5-bedroom unit and a 1-bedroom unit, and most recent construction has been of 4- and 5-bedroom units.

* 524 beds from two new complexes were added to the mix this fall, with another 333 coming soon. And those are just the big developments. We have no count of the many in-fill structures with multiple 4- and 5-bedroom units that have been built in neighborhoods surrounding campus.

* OSU President Ray has backed away from his staggering growth plans, recognizing that our city simply cannot bear the weight of a significantly larger university. With a cap of 28,000 students, a new requirement to keep freshmen on campus, plans to build new and remodel old dorms, and land aplenty to make a real difference in student housing through public/private partnerships, it looks like OSU is on the right track.

This development would be a quick fix for a complicated problem. Visit our website to read more of our thoughts: Vote NO on the Sather Annexation!”

– MS

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