A correction

We at Responsible Development Corvallis are dedicated to our cause, and we are also dedicated to being accurate in the facts that we present on our website.

Turns out we made a mistake on some of the details regarding public school funding in our Q & A. We want to set the record straight.

Property tax revenues from Corvallis stay in Corvallis. However, because of Oregon’s equalizing funding system, if those local revenues increase, the state’s aid decreases, leaving the bottom line – the base per-student amount the district receives – the same.

The only way a local district increases its own budget from tax revenues is through the local option levy, which Corvallis voters have supported for a few years now. That money comes from property taxes, so ANY development of the Sather property will increase the amount raised.

Our basic point remains the same … the only significant boost to the district’s budget is through increased enrollment, which will come when the city’s supply of affordable family housing is increased.

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