Three strikes …

Did you know that the Sather Annexation has been on the ballot twice before? Once in 2001, when a Denver-based student housing developer came to town with a similar proposition. It was soundly defeated, but the Sathers came back one year later to try again – same developer, same plan, with a few minor adjustments they thought would be enough to change the minds of Corvallis voters. Instead, they were soundly defeated again in 2002.

They are back again. A different developer with a different – and larger – plan.

Some things in Corvallis are different, too. OSU enrollment is up, the rental market can be tight, and “town & gown” tensions have risen. But as those tensions have risen, so has the commitment between the city and the university to find constructive and forward-thinking solutions to the growing pains both are experiencing.

Collaboration Corvallis has developed a series of recommendations that urge OSU to take more responsibility for housing its students. More, better, competitively-priced dorms. Public-private partnerships (an example is the Hilton Garden Inn, a privately-owned hotel built on university land) that could result in more on-campus housing choices for OSU students. None of this will happen overnight, but we urge you to consider the future of our city and its long-term needs rather than to go for the quick fix.

Despite what has changed, the voters were right to strike down the annexation in 2001 and 2002 and we hope that they will make the same choice again and send a clear response to this type of development: three strikes …

… you’re out!

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